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The Road To Silver Plume

Author : Tamara Allen
ISBN : 1520212186
Genre :
File Size : 71. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Secret Service operative Emlyn Strickland may be new to field work, but his talent for identifying counterfeit bank notes, honed over ten years at the Treasury, has given Sing Sing's population a respectable boost. When counterfeiter August McKee takes illegal advantage of a sinking silver market, his former confederate Darrow Gardiner shares that information with Agent Strickland so they can track down the once-friend who left Darrow to rot in prison.Promised his freedom in return, Darrow's after something more. He wants possession of his best work, the flawless fifty dollar plates still in McKee's hands. And with a little maneuvering, he'll have the one thing a vengeful McKee may consider fair barter: the Secret Service operative whose testimony sent them both up the river.It seems an objective within Darrow's reach after he rescues Emlyn from an assassin, earning a measure of his trust in the process. But on the cross-country journey in search of McKee, another attempt on their lives leaves operative and outlaw stranded miles from Denver, with no one to rely upon but each other. Beset by turncoat agents, angry miners, and the burgeoning threat of a wealthy and powerful McKee, Darrow and Emlyn discover that standing on opposite sides of the law doesn't safeguard them from the dangers of friendship--or a deeper attraction that may force Darrow to choose between the real and the counterfeit as he's never done before.

Cop Out

Author : Kc Burn
ISBN : 9781613722138
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 23. 95 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Detective Kurt O'Donnell is used to digging up other people's secrets, but when he discovers his slain partner was married to another man, it shakes him. Determined to do the right thing, Kurt offers the mourning Davy his assistance. Helping Davy through his grief helps Kurt deal with the guilt that his partner didn't trust him enough to tell him the truth, and somewhere along the way Davy stops being an obligation and becomes a friend, the closest friend Kurt has ever had. His growing attraction to Davy complicates matters, leaving Kurt struggling to reevaluate his sexuality. Then a sensual encounter neither man is ready for confuses them further. To be with Davy, Kurt must face the prospect of coming out, but his job and his relationship with his Catholic family are on the line. Can he risk destroying his life for the uncertain possibility of a relationship with a newly widowed man?

Old Loyalty New Love

Author : Mary Calmes
ISBN : 9781627984751
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 32. 68 MB
Format : PDF
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Decades after being banished by his pack for being gay, Quade must return to face a difficult choice and may have to leave his love behind.

Without Reservations

Author : J. L. Langley
ISBN : 1599983478
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 31. 63 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Sometimes love just catches you by the tail. Chayton Winston is a veterinarian. He is also a werewolf. Much to his Native American parent's chagrin, he has always dreamed of a fair-haired, Caucasian mate. However, he never imagined his mate would be male. As a heterosexual man, he's not quite sure what to do with a male mate, but more than willing to find out. Keaton Reynolds wakes up, in wolf form, and finds himself with a mate. He's instantly attracted, but not so thrilled to find out the man is straight. Having been in a relationship once before where his partner professed to be "Not gay" left a bad taste in his mouth. Keaton wants to make a break for it and pretend he never set eyes on Chay-but Chay is not ready to let him go. Together the two work to solidify their shaky relationship and battle the prejudices against homosexuals. Chay must deal with not only his mother's prejudices against gay men but also her hatred of white people. When a power struggle in Keaton's pack threatens Keaton's life, the two men learn to depend on one another and their relationship to get them through it. Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, violence and hot man-love.

The One That Got Away

Author : Rhianne Aile
ISBN : 1615810854
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 44. 33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"2nd Edition - 15,000 words of added scenes." When David Carmichael suffers a migraine and a broken shoulder, Trace Jackson, his best friend, simply moves in to take care of him. Their easy camaraderie is threatened when David discovers an undercurrent of heat and tension flowing between them. Despite knowing his best friend is straight, David is not-so-slowly falling in love. Trace has never desired another man. He's a ladies' man with quite the reputation, considered a top prize around town. But his close, treasured friendship with David is intensified by the emotion and arousal, and the lure of having David so close is irresistible. Soon Trace makes it clear to David that he wants to know if they can make it work between them. Because Trace is sure he won't ever want anyone else he already loves David.


Author : Marie Sexton
ISBN : 9781615813797
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 50. 86 MB
Format : PDF
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Jared Thomas has lived his whole life in the small mountain town of Coda, Colorado. He can't imagine living anywhere else. Unfortunately, the only other gay man in town is twice his age and used to be his teacher, so Jared is resigned to spending his life alone.

Rewriting Destiny

Author : Meredith Taylor
ISBN : 1520359756
Genre :
File Size : 35. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Is it all meant to be... Or can we rewrite destiny? MM gay sweet/ wholesome college romance. No cliffhangers, HEA Kyle Abrahams is a wunderkind science geek. He has just started doing his masters in engineering, the youngest student ever accepted into the program at Ridgemont University. He graduated high school at only 15-years-old and finished his undergrad degree at the age when most other students were only starting theirs. In his research at the Academy for Experimental Science and Technology, Kyle has developed something that might seem impossible: a window into the future, a device that can calculate probabilities and predict events with amazing accuracy. He realizes how dangerous the machine can be and doesn't know if he should go public with it, but while he figures that out he uses the machine for his own benefit: to profit from the stock market, to apply for research grants and to finally impress people at parties with his new 'psychic' abilities. Unfortunately, the device predicts something terrible will happen in the near future: Marshall de Villiers, the Ridgemont rugby champion and high-school friend of Kyle's, will suffer a devastating accident during the championship final rugby match. Kyle decides that, since it was his machine that predicted it, it's his duty to save Marshall. Besides, maybe for once the geek can be the hero. It's up to Kyle to get close to Marshall, not giving away too much about his device but somehow making Marshall trust him, and to convince him to drop out of the match. Marshall de Villiers is the overconfident, charming captain of the Ridgemont University rugby team. Marshall is loved by everyone, and he's always the center of attention, but there's a side to Marshall that no one knows. Deep down, Marshall is wondering whether being the "rugby legend" is all that he is, and whether fulfilling his father's dreams is all that he's destined for. His father had mapped out Marshall's life since before the day he was born: Marshall would be everything that his father never could by becoming a professional rugby player. But Marshall wonders if he can change his destiny and pursue his secret dream of being a songwriter. Of course, no one will even entertain the thought of Marshall doing anything besides rugby. When Marshall runs into childhood friend Kyle Abrahams again, the guy who was such a genius that he skipped two grades in high school, Marshall is intrigued by someone who is so fearlessly himself. Marshall finds himself drawn to Kyle; maybe this is finally someone he can show all of the parts of himself to, someone he can trust to accept him for who he is. But when Kyle starts talking crazy, telling Marshall to drop out of the championship game because something terrible is about to happen, the trust between them is tested. Marshall wants to believe that he is in charge of his own destiny, and nothing is meant to be, no matter how sure Kyle is that his computer program's prediction is right. Will Marshall listen to Kyle's ramblings and trust the program that Kyle seems to place all of his faith in? Or will he follow his father's wishes and be the man his father believes he was meant to become? Kyle and Marshall soon start to realize that their destinies are intertwined, and that the feelings that are starting to develop between them might be written in the stars. But if Marshall goes through with the rugby match and the program's prediction is right, their journey might just be cut short. It's a conflict of science and faith, brain and brawn, self-determination and predestination in this tale of love, trust, and being who you truly are. Medium heat, medium angst. Emphasis on sweet romantic moments and character-driven, slow burn true love.

Enemies Of The State

Author : Tal Bauer
ISBN : 191115379X
Genre :
File Size : 25. 31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A rogue Black Ops unit with the president in their crosshairs. A Secret Service agent who will break every rule. A president falling for the one person he shouldn't-a man. Newly elected President Jack Spiers's presidency is rocked from the very beginning, and he's working furiously to keep the world from falling apart. Between terrorism attacks ripping apart Europe, Russia's constant posturing and aggression, and the quagmire of the Middle East, Jack is struggling to keep his campaign promise-to work toward a better, safer world. For Special Agent Ethan Reichenbach, Jack is just another president, the third in twelve years. With Jack's election, he's been promoted, and now he's running the presidential detail, which puts him side by side with Jack daily. He's expecting another stuffed suit and an arrogant DC politician, but Jack shocks him with his humor and humanity. There are rules against a Secret Service agent and one of their protectees developing a friendship-big rules. Besides, Jack is straight as a ruler, and a widower, and Ethan has always avoided falling for straight men. Ethan keeps his distance, but Jack draws him in, like gas to a naked flame, and it's a lure he isn't strong enough to turn away from. As the two men collide, rules are shattered and the world teeters on the verge of war, and a rogue Black Ops unit bent on destruction sets Jack in their deadly crosshairs. Ethan must put everything on the line in order to save the man he's come to love, Jack's presidency, and the world.

Perfect Imperfections

Author : Cardeno C
ISBN : 1942184360
Genre :
File Size : 44. 97 MB
Format : PDF
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Accountant slash bartender Reg will show rock star Jeremy how to have fun...and possibly fall in love. Hollywood royalty Jeremy Jameson has lived a sheltered life with music as his sole focus and only friend. Before embarking on yet another international concert tour, he wanders into a bar in what he considers the middle-of-nowhere and meets a man who wins him over with his friendly smile and easy-going nature. Accountant slash bartender slash adventure-seeker Reg Moore has fun talking and drinking with The Jeremy Jameson and can't say no when the supposedly straight rock star makes him a once in a lifetime offer: keep him company on his tour by playing the part of his boyfriend. Listening to music, traveling the world, and jumping off cliffs is fun. Falling in love is even better. But to stay with Jeremy after the stage lights dim, Reg will need to help him realize there's nothing pretend about their relationship.

Cronin S Key

Author : N. R. Walker
ISBN : 151221793X
Genre :
File Size : 65. 2 MB
Format : PDF
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NYPD Detective Alec MacAidan has always been good with weird. After all, his life has been a string of the unexplainable. But when an injured man gives him cryptic clues, then turns to dust in front of him, Alec's view on weird is changed forever. Cronin, a vampire Elder, has spent the last thousand years waiting for Alec. He'd been told his fated one would be a man wielding a shield, but he didn't expect him to be human, and he certainly didn't expect that shield to be a police badge. Both men, strong-willed and stubborn, are still learning how to cope with the push and pull of being fated, when fate throws them another curveball. Rumors have spread quickly of turmoil in Egypt. Covens are fleeing with news of a vampire who has a talent like no other, hell-bent on unleashing the wrath of Death. Alec and Cronin are thrown into a world of weird Alec cannot imagine. What he learned in school of ancient pharaohs and Egyptian gods was far from the truth. Instead, he finds out firsthand that history isn't always what it seems.

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